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The Ease – Saiki 8“

Seems like The Ease from Aichi were one of countless one-release-and-no-hit-wonders of punk rock, so this three track 8“ flexi disc is all they ever did. The music is mostly slow to mid-tempo punk rock, with some new wave and a little bit of pop thrown it. The sound is somewhat tinny and trebly, which really fits the music: a steady beat, simple but wandering bass lines, arpeggiated (is that the correct term? I forgot!) chords and a high-pitched, sometimes a bit unsteady singer with a really cool voice. The opener Saiki is a cool punk rock song with a marching bass and a rocking guitar riff thrown on top, 時間砂陵 is a great anthem of melancholy and darkness, Hydra Dawn is a beautiful, sad pop number with an organ in the background (and it’s even greater than 時間砂陵!).

Why the hell couldn‘t you last longer and record more? This was some great shit!