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The Execute – Spend Your Money LP

This LP is a boot of the first releases by The Execute: the S/T flexi 7“, Hard Core Temptation 7“, Criminal Flowers 7“, plus the compilation tracks off Great Punk Hits and the legendary international P.E.A.C.E./War benefit compilation. As you might see once should you download it, the LP is rich in bootleggy goodness: a simple silkscreened front cover, no artwork on the back cover, and a single-side insert, that’s it. The title is an allusion to the official compilation album „Save Your Money“ (which ironically is pretty expensive…), the cover is also simplified version of that LP’s artwork.

Note the great choice of fonts.

The Execute – The Antagonistic Shadow LP

After several 7“es, a tape and a split 12“ with Inferno, „The Antagonistic Shadow from“ 1988 was The Execute’s first solo full length vinyl release. At this stage they no longer played hardcore, but had become deathrock/goth in style (after some earlier flirting with darkness, e.g. in Criminal Flowers). Quite hard to imagine that a band, who once released thrashers like these, would produce an album that’s 53 minutes in length, with the longest track being almost 8 minutes.

P.S. It was also made to be played very loud.

v.a. Great Punk Hits LP

Just what can you expect of a compilation named „Great Punk Hits“? Exactly what it says on the tin: GISM deliver two tracks of completely distorted, fuzzy and hissing metallic hardcore; The Execute songs are fast and melodic with some metal guitars (just like their first 7″); The Clay are great, primitive political hardcore punk; Aburadako are weird and awesome (sadly the record skips on one of their songs); G-Zet are simply great with one heavy hardcore track and one instrumental song; Laughin‘ Nose are forgettable as always.

Did I mention how great these punk hits are?

v.a. A Farewell To Arms

This compilation was originally released in 1986 with cover artwork featuring the Atomic Bomb Dome, but this here is the 1988 version on Nuclear Blast. Lipcream, Outo, Gauze and The Execute are featured with great thrash, Ghoul and Gastunk are more metallic. I especially love the tracks by Ghoul and Gauze.

I like Cola!

The Execute – S/T 7″

(The) Execute were one of the early japanese hardcore bands who kept releasing albums and loads of 7″es throughout the eighties. This here is a bootleg of their first flexi 7″ from 1983. It’s got ten tracks of cool and somewhat melodic hardcore and the greatest bootleg sound you could wish for: you can hear just how dusty the original record must have been!

Dust Noise!