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Forward – Fucked Up!! 12“

Fucked Up!! is the 2002’s 12“ release by Forward: 8 tracks of intense, powerful, Burning Spirits hardcore by these all-star monsters, immediately recognizable thanks to Ishiya’s unmistakable voice! Now less talk, more…

Not the Canadians!!

Forward – What Are You Gonna Get 7“

Released in 1998, What Are You Gonna Get was Forward’s 4th 7“, full of great, rocking burning spirits style hardcore. The title track on side A is a fast paced smasher, but the B-side Go To Dive is definitely the winner on this single. Mid-tempo, driving as fuck, and Ishiya strains his voice so hard he sounds like he’s choking himself.

What are you gonna get? Great shit like this!

Forward – Feel The Core Of Self ep

As with so many other japanese bands, the easiest way to describe them would be to list all the other bands their members have played in, but I‘m gonna skip it this time since everybody knows it anyway. This is Forward’s second single, released in 1997 on HG Fact. Side A is mid-tempo and rocking, is high-speed with some cool drum breaks and great guitar leads.