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Friction – 軋轢 LP

I couldn‘t tell you why I waited so long till I posted this, since Friction’s debut LP from 1980 is a true classic japanese post punk album. Some lot of their earlier punk stuff has been weeded out, and what’s left is cold, cold, cold. Some tracks off Tokyo Rockers and their first 7“ appear as re-recorded versions. The new version of Crazy Dream especially shows the increased post in the punk.

This is a S/T btw.

Friction – I Can Tell + Pistol 7″

This two song 7“ was released on Pass Records in 1980. I Can Tell is a great post-punk song off Friction’s debut album; I really love the song’s cold, restrained, understated vibe. Pistol was an older demo recording of primitive and raunchy punk. Damn, that drum kit sounds like its heads have been beaten to shit more than once! Hell yeah!
Btw. Friction’s 1978 demo (with a different version of Pistol) is available on youtube for those interested.

Can you tell?

Friction – S/T 7″

Friction’s first 7″ from ’79 is a true masterpiece of 70s japanese punk. The music is still a bit more punkrock when compared to the self-titled album they would release a year later. The recording is rougher and more abrasive, and the versions of Crazy Dream and Big-S that appear on this 7″ are faster and rawer than on the album; the LP versions are a lot darker, and pure post-punk.
This version here is the re-release from 2001, which -like the original- came as a vinyl 7″ in an 8″ sleeve. The version from ’79 also came in a yellow cover; maybe there was a re-release in yellow, too?

This is as good as it gets!

v.a. 東京 Rockers LP

If I am not completely mistaken, Tōkyō Rockers was originally a video documenting Tōkyō’s 78/79 punk scene, with this LP of live performances being released by CBS/Sony as the soundtrack. All the bands are kind of experimental, somewhere between Post-Punk, New Wave and Punk. Friction are jangly, noisy and aggressive on this recording. They kept releasing stuff at least up into the nineties, I‘m not sure if they ever split up. Mr. Kite, who seemed to have named themselves after a song by the Beatles (ack, again), are slower and more quiet, and only released one 7″ of their own. Mirrors are mid-tempo punk with somewhat dissonant guitars; they later released two 7″es. S-Ken produced psychedelic pop music with wah-wah pedals and synths, and managed to release on LP afterwards. Lizard! (exclamation mark!) are the undisputed winners on this comp with two awesome, bouncy synth-heavy tracks. Sadly missing from this compilation are SS who also recorded live tracks for this release. One song (Mr. Twist) can be found on youtube for all those who want to know just how much more awesome this LP could have been!

Get it!