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Fearless Vampire Killers – Target ep

The Fearless Vampire Killers from Yokosuka were (as can probably deduced from their name) among those late eighties thrash bands that were heavily influenced by USHC. Target is their first 7″ from 1987, with 6 tracks of extremely fast thrashing, stop-and-go-parts, wild drumming, background shouts and mid-tempo breaks.
After this 7″ they would go on to release another big load of 7″es and splits.

I don‘t even want to know just what a „Smegma-O-Mara“ is supposed to be!

v.a. Enjoy Your Youth By This Hardcore Sampler

The biggest names on this compilation are probably the Fearless Vampire Killers, SIC and Don Don. All the other bands here only ever released tapes, 7″es, compilation tracks or splits (Mad Conflux, Scum Bag, Vulgarity Kids, Oil Shock, Disclaim, Bad Smells, Discust Boys, Final Count, Jelly Beans, Crück, Mino-5). Except for Scum Bag (Oi!-ish funny punk) all these bands play typical late eighties, US-influenced thrash with the typical japanese twist. Crück are definitely my favorites here, with great, noisy high speed thrashers like „Smash Your Friends“!

Great fucking shit!

v.a. 病原体 – Virus Compilation Jap

The Virus Compilation features pretty typical thrash from the later eighties. With tracks from Sic, Lip Cream, Fuck Geez, FVK, Systematic Death, Mad Conflux and D.O.N.D.O.N. it’s got a mixture of big and lesser known bands.

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