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Tam – Vol. 1 7″

In 1983 the first songs by G-Zet came out on the Great Punk Hits compilation album. The same guys -Tam, Keigo, Akira (and L.S.D.’s singer Achy who contributed one scream!)- also recorded the purely instrumental tracks on this vinyl single and the accompanying flexi disc (albeit in different personnel constellations). The two songs on the vinyl single are very much G-Zet tracks (side B is even named G-Zet), while the songs on the karaoke sonosheet are newly recorded instrumental versions of tracks off the first three albums by The Stalin.

Some tracks off this release wound up on this G-Zet bootleg 7″, posing as G-Zet songs.

Enjoy and sing along!

G-Zet – S/T 12″

To me, G-Zet are just as great as they are mysterious and weird. Founded by ADK-Records‘ mastermind Tam, they existed for little over 2 years before their untimely implosion, when Tam vanished from the scene during G-Zet’s 1985 tour of Japan. Their mix of hardcore with Motörhead-like heavyness produced slow and ominous instrumental epics and vicious, threatening HC-punk numbers. This here is the 2014 re-release, which contains a japanese language infosheet on the band and Tam, who died in 2011.
This 12″ is as exciting and interesting as it gets, so…

…get it!

v.a. Great Punk Hits LP

Just what can you expect of a compilation named „Great Punk Hits“? Exactly what it says on the tin: GISM deliver two tracks of completely distorted, fuzzy and hissing metallic hardcore; The Execute songs are fast and melodic with some metal guitars (just like their first 7″); The Clay are great, primitive political hardcore punk; Aburadako are weird and awesome (sadly the record skips on one of their songs); G-Zet are simply great with one heavy hardcore track and one instrumental song; Laughin‘ Nose are forgettable as always.

Did I mention how great these punk hits are?

G-Zet – S/T 7″

G-Zet were a side project of The Stalin’s guitarist Tam, who also ran the ADK label. They were pretty heavy, had kind of a Motörhead influence in places, recorded a number of instrumental songs, and officially released only compilation tracks and one self-titled 12″. This here is a bootleg which contains two songs off the 12″ (Dog Eat Dog and ボンテージ). As far as I know the other two songs (G-Zet and 365) are off Tam’s solo 7″ and not really G-Zet songs at all (365 is actually a karaoke version of a song by The Stalin, recorded by Tam! Confused yet?).