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Gai – Damnation 12“

Gai originally released this noisy monster on tape in 1984, this here is a vinyl re-release from the late nineties. The recording is a lot noisier than on Extermination, and the playing is somewhat faster, so here Gai sound a lot more unrestrained than on their vinyl debut. The songs are also somewhat more „diverse“; there’s slower songs and a rough version of the „melodic“ I Love You. Some of these tracks would later be released on the Swankys‘ debut „This Is My Lifestyle“ (which means they also made it onto this bootleg). Rip Off, Sell Out, Money Grab?

You decide! ;)

Gai – Extermination EP

The bootleg of this 7“ was one of the very first records I had posted on this blog, here’s the original now. This 1984 flexi was the only record Gai originally put out during their time; their other releases were either tapes, compilation tracks, or post-humous (boots). Enjoy this true masterpiece of genius, primitive Kyūshū raw punk. Note the cute flower on the artwork, which IS cut off like this. Great photocopying skills?

Enjoy! ENJOY! That’s an order!

Gai & Swankys Split 2×7″

Gai (Outsider/outside) from Kyūshū were one the original japanese noise-core/raw punk bands. Together with bands like Confuse and ジイク ハイル they developed their own style by completely dropping musical ability and songwriting, ignoring production values, and replacing them all with lots of distortion and fuzz. In their time they recorded several tapes before releasing their first flexi 7″ called „Extermination“ in 1984. Later they changed their name to „Swankys“ and kept going for a couple more years. This bootleg 2×7″ includes Gai’s Extermination 7″, The Swankys‘ Lifestyle 7″ plus a couple more tracks, of which I don‘t know from what release they were taken. Anybody care to enlighten me?