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The Gaia + No. 1 7″

There’s not much that I know about The Gaia, and apart from their track on the Six Weeks Omnibus 8″ „No. 1″ is the only stuff of theirs that I know. This 6 track 7″ mostly has simple, powerful thrashers, some blast beats and a very angry singer. The only exception is the song „Boys“, which is supposedly a cover by the Beatles (sorry, but I can‘t confirm that. I don‘t know the song and I‘m not gonna start researching songs by the Beatles, no way!).

Boys, all I really want is boys, and in the morning it’s boys, ’cause in the evening it’s boys…

v.a. Six Weeks Omnibus 8″

When Chaotic Dischord called one of their albums „Now! That’s What I Call A Fuckin‘ Racket“, they hadn‘t heard anything like THIS yet. Six Weeks released this compilation of japanese thrash/grind/chaos/whatever bands in 1995 in the ever appropriate 8″ flexi format. You‘ll get a lot more noisy, thrashy, fuzzed-out and blast-beating insanity than on the comparatively „tame“ follow up compilation LP from bands like The Gaia, Rose Rose, Zone and a shitload of ofhers that are just as wild!

„Brand new music called hardcore punk…“