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Gas – Reincarnation LP

„Reincarnation“ from 1986 was Gas‘ last official release. It’s got three tracks from their Split 8″ with 肉弾, all four tracks off their „Sweet Emotion“ 12″ ep from 1986 plus four more tracks from an aborted recording session for their LP (some of which are re-recordings).
Gas obviously could not catch a break with MRR, as Tim Yo had the following to say about „Sweet Emotion“:

„Rock punk with crooning female vocals, metalish rock guitar, and overall late-PENETRATION sound. Singer bugs me a lot with her ’sweet‘ singing.“

I like it, though!

Gas + 肉弾 Split 8″.zip

Instead of describing the Gas + 肉弾 Split 8″ myself, I just let the late and great Tim Yohannon of MRR do the talking. His review is just too good not to share:

„GAS is sort of a Japanese SIOUXSIE-in-more-pain-than-usual, with an accompanying hard post-punk backup. But watch out for those rock guitar solos and wah-wah pedals! NIKUDAN (MEAT HUNTER) is heavy on complex structures, high production, and atmospheric hard post-punk. All you „hardcore is passé“ BIRTHDAY PARTY freaks will like it. I don‘t.“

I guess I must be a „hardcore is passé“ BIRTHDAY PARTY freak then!

v.a. The Punx – ストリート・ムーヴメント

The Punx – Street Movement was originally released as a tape in 1985 with a huge 84 page book about the history of Japan’s punk scene. The compilation features songs by Gas, Laughin‘ Nose, new wave band The Willard, the hilarious Cobra (Worrier’s Rock? Or did they mean Warriors‘ Rock?), Lip Cream and GISM. One of the GISM tracks has a different song on each audio channel (can‘t these maniacs do anything like ordinary, well adjusted people?), but I separated the channels so you can listen to each song on its own. You‘re welcome!

C‘mon in Oi!

Gas – 1982-1986 LP

Gas from Ōsaka started out as a political thrash band, changed their singer after their first flexi, and gradually evolved into a mixture of post-punk and dark, heavy rock. They operated their own Jisatsu („suicide“) label (自殺レーベル) on which they released all of their material themselves.

This compilation LP includes their 2 7″es ((No More Hiroshima from 1982 and The Day After from 1984), their split 8″ with Niku Dan (肉弾, „Human Bullet“) from 1984, and some live tracks.

Fucku sa system!