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Glycerin – … From The Depth 8″

Compilation tracks aside, this 8“ from 1987 on AA Records was Glycerin’s only release. They no longer play the noisy thrash like on ADK Omnibus Vol. 2, but changed their style to a slower paced punk with some metallic riffing, thumb-muting and soloing. Fun factoid: the longest song on this 8“ is longer than all of their tracks on ADK Omnibus Vol.2 combined.

That’s arithmetics for you.

v.a. Neo Punk Disordery / ADK Omnibus Vol.2 7″

If I wanted to prove that Japan produced THE wildest and craziest punk shit ever, this 1984 compilation 7″ on ADK records would be one of prime pieces of evidence: 4 bands delivering 15 low fi minimalist songs in 15 1/2 minutes. Side A starts with Gabell; they are fast and punky, have lots of reverb on the vocals and never released anything besides these two tracks. Next are Molugu, whose name is a creative latin alphabet transcription of the katakana transcription of „morgue“. None of their songs last longer than a minute, and amid all the screaming he does, their singer somehow manages to sound like really enjoys himself. They also released an equally cool 7″ on ADK in the same year.
First band on Side B are Glycerin, who are the winners on this comp! Their four songs are fast, raw and noisy as fuck. Their 1987 8″ on AA Records was a lot less wild and more punky. Last are Gasatsu Crime Fighter with one cool, slow and stomping punk song and three primitive but kind of catchy thrashers. They recorded two more 7″es in addition to these tracks.

Neo Punk Disordery!