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Daston + Gouka – Continuously Attack Of Endless Shock Split 7“

This split 7“ from 1996 was the first vinyl release for Daston and Gouka, both bands had released demos and a split tape before, though. Gouka are not yet as tight and definedly d-beat compared to their later releases, their songs are faster and thrashier on this record. Daston are more on the crusty side, with a singer who sounds a bit like D.O.N.D.O.N.’s Yoshikawa.

Endless shock!

Gouka – Program 12″

The Program 12“ from 2005 is Gouka’s final release. Just like their tracks on the Six Weeks Omnibus Vol. 2 and their year 2002 7“ titled „Chaos“, the songs on this release are powerful and driving d-beat, without relying on the over the top raw punk production featured by many other japanese bands.

Get it!

Gouka – Chaos 7″

Just like their tracks on the Six Weeks Omnibus Vol. 2 compilation, Gouka’s 2002 7″ „Chaos“ is full of driving, energetic and very tight d-beat. Gouka were definitely no boring Discharge copyists, their take on d-beat is a lot cleaner and more inventive than your average fuzzed-out distortion worshippers. They always kind of remind me of finnish Nolla Nolla Nolla’s songs like Leikin Loppu.

Sense of speriority fuck off!

v.a. Six Weeks Omnibus Vol. 2

If you‘re into lame descriptions like „what a powerhouse of a compilation“, then this review is for you: released in 2002 by the USHC label, this omnibus takes no prisoners. Soul Craft start out with very rocking guitar riffs and a singer who sounds like he’s permanently complaining. Next are Gouka with extremely tight, driving and powerful d-beat. Last on Side A are Civil Rights, who like their background „Ooohs“ and drum shuffles.
Side B starts with Flame, who are fast and dirty as fuck. Exhale play melodic Burning Spirits-like HC with an extremely pissed singer. Last is the Society for Cutting Up Men (just kidding) with lots of raw distortion and fuzz!

What a powerhouse of a compilation!