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Headache – S/T 8“

Another one hit wonder, as this 8” from 1984 was Headache’s only release. The music is simple and primitive, mostly mid-tempo hardcore punk. There are some similarities to e.g. The Mobs or Danse Macabre, and some song titles hint at an affinity towards dark stuff: Devilism, Doom Dance, Pleasure Of Death. Internationally they remind me a bit of such antisocial nutters as FKK Strandwixer or Maho Neitsyt. No idea if their lyrics were as disgusting/humorous as theirs, but the last track Viva La Headache is kinda funnypunk (?), maybe a bit like Gai’s Blood Spit Night.

Aus der Hose läuft mir schon der Schimmel und mein Arsch der stinkt ja schon zum Himmel! Zefix noch amol!