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Kikeiji – Pressure 7″

Pressure was Kikeiji’s third 7″, released in 1984 on Tam’s ADK Records. Just like their other releases from the eighties, this 7″ is a mix of dissonant post-punk and (mostly) slow, but aggressive and dark punkrock.

What’s not to love about them?

Kikeiji – S/T 7″

Kikeiji’s self-titled first 7″ from 1983. Sound- and songwise it’s relatively similar to Plastic Scandal, but with only three songs, one of which is a live recording. This here is also the recent re-release on the original ADK-label.

To the great shit! Get it, motherfucker!

Kikeiji – Hello-Good Bye 7″

Hello-Good Bye is the forth and last 7″ Kikeiji released during their original run in the 80s. It’s more rockin‘ and rollin‘ than their first two 7″es, and thankfully sounds nothing like the band they ripped the title off of. Also differing from their earlier 7″es, it wasn‘t released on Tam’s ADK Records, but on Ducasse. It comes with inserts designed by GISM’s Sakevi, showing you the pleasures of bondage.


奇形児 – Plastic Scandal 7″

奇形児/Kikeiji, meaning „deformed child“, released 4 7″es of wicked punk/post-punk during the mid-eighties. The first two were recently re-released by the original label ADK Records, which was operated by Tam of The Stalin. This is the recent version from 2012 or so.

This e.p.’s opening song absolutely annihilates everything, with its grating bassline and stomping off-beat drums! Get it while it’s hot!

Fuck Ska!