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Kriegshög – ST LP

Hell yeah! Kriegshög, the grandmasters of absurdly distorted d-beat in our time! After 2 demos, two split 7“es and one 7“ e.p. they dropped this bomb of a debut album in 2010. The album was repressed in 2016, this here is the 2010 european version without the obi.

Are these Kriegshögs nuclear armed?

Deathtribe + Kriegshög – Split 7“

In Crust We Thrash released this monster by Kriegshög and Deathtribe in 2008: two times completely over the top distortion to deafness manic d-beat, absolute madness! The Kriegshög side is nuttier and wilder, Deathtribe are a bit crustier. It’s better check it out yourselves than to let me keep blathering!

Play loud & die!