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Kuro – Revival Of Death 7″

I have no idea if Revival Of Death was a posthumous but official release by Kuro, or if it was a bootleg. Anyway, side A has a previously unreleased track („Black Empire“) and an awesome, alternative version of „No More No“. Side B has two pretty raw live tracks („Hell Dive“ and once more „No More No“).

Side A rocked my ass!

Kuro – Hardcore Damnation – 1983/1986 LP

Kuro must be my favorites of those crazy Kyūshū noisecore bands. Hardcore Damnation – 1983/1986 is a recent bootleg compilation of almost all their releases. It’s got their debut live 7″, the Who The Helpless 8″ , the tracks from the Pinch And Ouch! compilation LP and the Fire 7″. What’s missing are the studio outtakes that came as a bonus for the Fire 7″ and the posthumous Revival Of Death 7″.

Do you enjoy distortion to deafness? Then get it!

Kuro – Who The Helpless 7″

Who The Helpless by Kuro („Black“) was originally released in the 8″ format. It’s really great shit: raw, primitiv and noisy with raspy, overdriven vocals. Kuro were not as wild as some of the other bands from Kyūshū, but had a bit more of a d-beat influence. All their official output was recently bootlegged as the Hardcore Damnation 1983 – 1986 LP.

X – 絶望した!