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Last Bomb – S/T 12“

After two 7“es (Firing and Retro Firing) Last Bomb released their first and final 12“ in 1987 on Selfish Records. It’s raw, primitive, stomping hardcore punk, with some heavy rocking on the guitar. The final track Vomit is THE bomb, with the most brutal shredding bass intro since GISM sang about syphilis…

What distinction of motorcycles?

Last Bomb – Retro Firing 7″

After Ghoul’s original bassist Bear Bomb quit the band, he went on to sing in Last Bomb. The Retro Firing 7“ from 1986 is their second release. I can‘t help it, but in my mind I always compare this record to finnish Pohjasakka’s „Maailma Täynnä Vihaa“: the guitar sound is just as underproduced, and the playing as frantic, though Last Bomb sound a bit more focused and put more work into their songwriting.

I thought retro was poison?