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Tam – Vol. 1 7″

In 1983 the first songs by G-Zet came out on the Great Punk Hits compilation album. The same guys -Tam, Keigo, Akira (and L.S.D.’s singer Achy who contributed one scream!)- also recorded the purely instrumental tracks on this vinyl single and the accompanying flexi disc (albeit in different personnel constellations). The two songs on the vinyl single are very much G-Zet tracks (side B is even named G-Zet), while the songs on the karaoke sonosheet are newly recorded instrumental versions of tracks off the first three albums by The Stalin.

Some tracks off this release wound up on this G-Zet bootleg 7″, posing as G-Zet songs.

Enjoy and sing along!

LSD – Lustmord, Snatch, Death‘Ein Bodie = L.S.D. LP

This bootleg LP has LSD’s first and second 7″ in better sound quality than on the two bootlegs I had posted before. The rest on this LP is a bit mixed up: it’s got one track by G-Zet from the Great Punk Hits Compilation, probably because LSD covered the song and because their singer Achy provided shouts for them? Next, the tracklist mentions a studio demo of the song Jast Last, which doesn‘t show up on the LP. Side B has a live set in good quality from a 1984 show in Sapporo, where LSD play number of otherwise unreleased songs and cover stuff by G-Zet and Typhus.

Lustmord, Snatch, Death‘Ein Bodie!

LSD – Jast Last 7″

The Jast Last 7″ is the 2nd and final official release by LSD from Ōsaka. Although the 7″ contains a re-recorded version of 憎悪戦争 ~ LSD from their first 7″, the other songs are far less minimalistic than on their previous release. Especially Karen Nash ~カレンに捧ぐ~ is an almost progrock-like epos with complex structures, mixing wild screaming and thrashing with calm parts accompanied by quiet melodies. It’s a fucking great release, sadly this is also only a bootleg. One of the two original cover designs showed the dead body of Yukiko Okada, a japanese teen idol who commited suicide at the age of 18 by throwing herself from the Sun Music building in Tōkyō.

Why don‘t we just put soldiers on the cover?

L.S.D. – Destroy 7″

The first 7″ by L.S.D. from 1984 takes low-fi to new extremes. Extremely simple songs, a not-quite-in-tune guitar and a barking, croaking singer who sounds like he had an echo chamber built so he could live in it. Since this was ripped from a recent bootleg 7″ the sound quality is kinda mediocre, but the songs are still damn great! In 2005 all of their recordings were released on a compilation record with better sound quality, too.

Lustmord, Snatch, Death‘Ein Bodie