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v.a. 時の葬列 – Selections From Excommunicated Monument

This is great compilation album of japanese mid-eighties gothic, new wave, post-punk and noisy avantgarde stuff. G-Schmitt are frail, beautiful and full of pathos, Madame Edwarda’s tracks definitely surpass the songs of their debut album, Auto-Mod deliver songs of dancable aggression and childlike wanderings (but less funk than on some of their 7“es), and Sadie-Sads‘ tracks on this album are pure genius. And to make it all perfect, the title translates as…

The Funeral Procession Of Time!

Madame Edwarda ‎– ヒステリックな侯爵夫人 LP

Madame Edwarda’s debut LP, „The Hysteric Marchioness“ from 1984 on City Rocker Records, sadly remained their sole vinyl full-length album; later they would release one more album on tape.
In my opinion the tracks are not as great as the three masterpieces on this 12“, but it is still a great piece of gothic rock.

To the hysteric marchioness!

Madame Edwarda – Lorelei ・・ Etranger ・・ Heliogabale 12″

This 12″ from 1985 might just be my most listened to japanese gothic/death rock release at the moment (was that an overly narrow superlative?). All three songs are extremely long and awesome epics (between 5:30 and 8:00 minutes!): Lorelei is melancholic and theatralic in the singer’s wailing and warbling, Étranger sounds cold and sneering with its e-drum accents and atonal riff, Héliogabale is somewhat subdued but almost dancable in places and ends with an almost honey-sweet guitar melody. What’s not to love about it?

Another band with Great Big Hair. And make-up, too!

v.a Outsider LP

The Outsider compilation LP on City Rocker Records was one of the earliest japanese hardcore releases. It’s all live recordings, so it’s a pretty raw affair. Side A has an all-star line-up of GISM, Gauze, Lip Cream (nope, it’s Laughin‘ Nose. Thanks for pointing that out, Fernando!) and The Comes, while Side B features the more obscure post-punk/wave bands Mastervation, Fullx, Route 66 and Madame Edwarda. The LP comes with artwork in the style of Crass Records and a huge fold-out poster designed by GISM’s Sakevi.

Hog Punks! Well?