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v.a. Devil Must Be Driven Out With Devil

Fucking hell, this must be among the ugliest, trashiest cover artworks ever! The „Devil must be driven out with devil“ compilation, released on Hold Up in 1986, has a wild mix of hardcore and metal on it, as evidenced by the „very eighties“ band pictures on the insert.
Lip Cream, Ghoul and -to some degree- City Indian represent the hardcore fraction, though Ghoul are already pretty heavy and weird in this line-up. Casbah, United and Saver Tiger all play pretty tame metal stuff. Lip Cream definitely deliver the best shit on this record.

Why is the metal monster’s axe all bent?

Ghoul – Oi! Oi! 7″

„Oi! Oi!“ is the last release of Ghoul’s original incarnation. Originally intended to be a track on the ADK Omnibus Vol. 3, Ghoul had to release the song themselves as a one track flexi, because ADK’s Tam vanished in 1985 before the compilation could see the light of day. Musically „Oi! Oi!“ lives up to its name: it’s a complete departure from Ghoul’s earlier heavy primitivity and much more like Masami’s solo stuff.

Running down the backstreets?

Masami – Power Line X Shock Line LP

In and out of all his different bands like Sqwad, Ghoul and the Bad Lots, Masami released his only full length solo album „Power Line X Shock Line“ in 1987. Just like his earlier solo 7″ „Final Days“ this LP is a lot more rockin than his punk and hardcore stuff (and even contains something resembling a ballad?!). Now that you‘ve been warned…

… go and get it!

v.a. Hikashibou – A Japanese Compilation LP

If you‘re going to release a bootleg compilation LP of 7″es, why name it after one further ep (Gudon’s 卑下志望 7″) that you‘re not going to include? Anyway, this comp has Ghoul’s first and second 7″ in all their awesomeness. Just as high on the awesomeness scale is the Gastunk’s self titled 7″ from 1985. Although it’s not yet as hard-rockin‘ as Mr Gazime, it’s got melodic and metallic thrashers that surely made all these NWOBHM dudes swear off hairspray forever out of sheer envy. Last is Systematic Death’s „Flash Back“ 7″ from 1986 which definitely breaks the records in velocity, thrashing wildness and underproduction on this record.


Ghöul – Jerusalm 7″

The second release from the greatest band on earth, Ghoul’s (Ghöul’s?) 1985 Jerusalm 7″ is already quite a bit darker, heavier and more rocking than the equally great Carry Out Fucking 7″: the four tracks are brutal and primitive, with singer Masami’s trademark barking, raspy vocals. The songs „Jerusalm“ and „Intro“ (on Side B, by the way) were later re-recorded for the „A Farewell to Arms“ compilation, and the piano intro/outro on the title track was played by Gas‘ singer Narumi.

Too bad Bear Bomb’s no longer on bass…

Sqwad – Set Free Me Out Rock You Out 7″

Sqwad was another band of Ghoul’s singer Masami, who only released this two track single sided flexi 7″ in 1989. The music is brooding and somewhat ominous sounding, with one slower and one fast paced song, both of which could have been on an earlier Ghoul release. However, I am completely at a loss what the song titles or the name of the single might mean.

Sqwad is a registered trademark

Masami – Final Days 7″

Remember the crazy singer of Ghoul I wrote about? After Ghoul went through their dozens of incarnations Masami played in a couple of other bands (e.g. Sqwad and The Bad Lots) and also released some solo records. Even though one of the songs is a reworking of Ghoul’s „Oi! Oi!“, this solo 7″ of his is wildly different from most of his other output. The songs are more Oi! and street punk with none of his usual metallic madness. Does anybody know how this came to pass? And even more importantly:

Who’s that old guy on the cover?

Ghoul – Carry Out Fucking 7″

Oh hell, this 7″ is so fucking great in its stomping primitivity! I couldn‘t even say just why I like Ghoul so much: is it because there’s actually a guy named „Bear Bomb“ on bass or the great makeup job on the guitarist? Or is it all the legends surrounding their one-handed singer Masami, who allegedly lost his hand in a pipe bomb accident/workplace accident/retaliatory yakuza action, and who died in a coma after passing out on stage? Anyway, check out the videos on youtube of him fighting the audience with a microphone stand at a Gauze show!

Goddumnd Street Gangs‘, dance & fight, then carry out fucking! Question?