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Masturbation – 被害妄想 12″

Masturbation’s 12″ titled Higaimōzō, meaning persecution complex or paranoia, was released on ADK records in 1984. Musically, its 6 tracks are pretty similar to their 7″ from the same year: dark, brooding and ominous, often atonal, mostly slow, a crude mix of punk, hardcore and post-punk. As far as I know this was their last release during their existence; most of their stuff was later re-released on a couple of compilation CDs, with bonus live tracks thrown in.

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Masturbation – 死顔 7″

Masturbation were one of the those bands whose style of punk could not be described in just one word. Like Nikudan and Kikeiji (or maybe The Mobs) they played something between dark, disturbing and slow punk, death rock and sometimes (proto-)hardcore. That’s why you‘ll get one long, brooding dirge of almost 4 minutes and one short hardcore-like smasher on their 1984 flexi 7″ Shinigao („Face Of Death“, maybe?).


v.a Outsider LP

The Outsider compilation LP on City Rocker Records was one of the earliest japanese hardcore releases. It’s all live recordings, so it’s a pretty raw affair. Side A has an all-star line-up of GISM, Gauze, Lip Cream (nope, it’s Laughin‘ Nose. Thanks for pointing that out, Fernando!) and The Comes, while Side B features the more obscure post-punk/wave bands Mastervation, Fullx, Route 66 and Madame Edwarda. The LP comes with artwork in the style of Crass Records and a huge fold-out poster designed by GISM’s Sakevi.

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