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Nightmare – Refugee Of Logical Society 7“

Refugee Of Logical Society from 2006 was Nightmare’s first release in about 7 years. The sound has become a lot more lo-fi, and the music is chaotic, wild hardcore (the type that a friend of mine likes to call „japanese hectics“, hehe) with singer Masahiro’s maddening shrieks on top. Wow! There’s two songs on this 7“, plus two rudimentary pieces of assorted noise called Spiral. This is the european licensed pressing on Hate Records btw.

Japanese Hectics. Nothing to do with Freddie Mercury. Haha.

Nightmare – Give Notice Of Nightmare…

This 2012 bootleg 12″ combines the first two official releases by Nightmare: their 1988 self-titled 7″ and the 1990 12″ „Give Notice Of Nightmare“. Both are full of wild, somewhat melodic high speed thrashers. There’s absolutely no pause on this record, and there’s such insane, manic energy from first second to the last that all other words would be nothing but a waste of time, so…

…get it, motherfucker!

v.a. Eye Of The Thrash Guerilla LP

Eye Of The Thrash Guerilla is a great compilation with a cool mix of different styles. It’s got great Burning Spirits hardcore by Death Side and 鉄アレイ (Tetsu Arei), wild thrash by Nightmare and Raise Cain, total mayhem by SxOxB and dark d-beat by Crow (who were not nearly as heavy back then as they are now). This version is a german bootleg on the 大阪 records, who also released boots of SxOxB and Outo.

Better an eye of a thrash guerilla than an eye of a tiger…