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Niku-Dan – Proletarian Sports 8″

1984’s プロレタリア・スポーツ by 肉弾 is probably their most accessible release. It’s still the same cool mixture of weird punk and post-punk, but the songs are almost danceable and more melodic than the ones on their self-titled 7″ and the split 8″ with Gas. Side A has 4 punk numbers with great song titles like „Cinderella Scatology“ and (roughly) „Stocking Collection Incident“, while side B has two more complex post-punk songs. And what about the great combination of the record’s title and the cover artwork?

Get it!

Niku-Dan – S/T 7″

I have no idea, whether Tim Yo would have been more merciful reviewing the first 7″ of Niku-Dan (which actually means Human Bullet, not Meat Hunter) compared to his review of their Split 8″ with Gas. The music on this flexi in my opinion is just as good, but a bit more accessible. The song structures that seemed to have bothered Tim Yo so badly are not yet as complex and the songs a still a bit more punk. Anyways, this is a great punk/post-punk 7″, so get it!

Gas + 肉弾 Split 8″.zip

Instead of describing the Gas + 肉弾 Split 8″ myself, I just let the late and great Tim Yohannon of MRR do the talking. His review is just too good not to share:

„GAS is sort of a Japanese SIOUXSIE-in-more-pain-than-usual, with an accompanying hard post-punk backup. But watch out for those rock guitar solos and wah-wah pedals! NIKUDAN (MEAT HUNTER) is heavy on complex structures, high production, and atmospheric hard post-punk. All you „hardcore is passé“ BIRTHDAY PARTY freaks will like it. I don‘t.“

I guess I must be a „hardcore is passé“ BIRTHDAY PARTY freak then!