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Nubile – Spyral Totem Toler Than East Poll 7″

When you compare Nubile’s self-titled 7“ to its 1984 follow-up „Spyral Totem Toler Than East Poll“ (wow, what a name for a 7“), it comes across as almost easy listening. On this 7“ they really seem to enjoy going off the deep end: dark, slow, ominous dirges with atonal bass and guitars, interspersed with noisy outbursts of… what?

This 7“ was their first release on Wechselbalg Syndicate, where they would go on to release a load of EPs.

If I only knew what the title meant!

Nubile – S/T 7″

I have to admit that I don‘t know very much about nubile, but one thing I know: I want more! Nubile released their self-titled flexi single in 1983 on ADK Records. In Sight on Side A is a slow, ominous and darkly melodic post-punk song, while Strawberry Hill on Side B is an aggressive, mid-tempo number with pounding drums and cool guitar hooks. One thing has me wondering, though: if they were good looking enough to call themselves Nubile, why didn‘t these guys include a band photo?

Exaggeration or downright lie?