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Paintbox – ゲンセキ 7″

If you ever wondered, what a song about the natural beauty of unrefined iron ore might sound like, look no further, for this is it! It’s hard rocking mid-tempo song full of melody and the late Chelsea’s beautiful guitar leads. While the two tracks b-side of this 7“ (among them Plastic Pump, their Poison Idea worship) made it on Paintbox‘ singles collection, Genseki on the a-side (also released on their final album Trip, Trance & Travelling) did not.

Unrefined iron ore!

Paintbox – Relicts [singles collection] LP

This 2009 posthumous release of Paintbox’s 7″es came in three versions, as a CD, as a double LP and as an LP. As this here is only the single LP version, it has less tracks than the other two. Still, it’s got Paintbox’s S/T 7″, their The Door/Provided Railroad 7″, the Back Reporter 7″, the Cry Of The Sheeps 7″ (drool, drool!), an awesome cover of Ghoul’s Judas/Intro off the tribute to Masami, plus their Poison Idea tribute.

I‘m not gonna mention again just how awesome they are!

Paintbox – Cry Of The Sheeps 7″

Cry Of The Sheeps by Paintbox is such anthemic, hymn-like hardrocking japanese hardcore, it’s gotta be heard to be believed! As almost all their releases it’s totally genius, extremely tight and hard to praise enough even by using exclusively superlatives!