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Poison Arts – Kick Rock 7“

Another great cover artwork by Poison/Poison Arts! One more plus: the cover opens like an envelope! This one track flexi 7“ from 1990 has a re-recorded version of the title track on their first 12“ from two years before. Great metallic, melodic hardcore. I kind of prefer this version.

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Poison – 毒 7“

This (kind of) self-titled flexi 7“ from 1985 was Poison’s first release. Since only their vocalist Fighting Soldier would remain for 1986’s follow up Mystery Tempation, this 7“ sounds like it’s from a totally different band. The playing is charmingly amateurish, the songwriting is a lot more primitive and completely different in style: a lot less burning spirits, but more… what? Primitive UK 82, maybe?


Poison – Mystery Temptation 7″

Poison Arts originally started out merely called „Poison“, and released some 7″es under that name. Mystery Tempation is their second ep, released in 1986. Its four songs are fast, somewhat melodic and metallic, a bit like the faster stuff by, say, Gastunk. If I am not mistaken, this 7″ should be the first release of Chelsea, who later played in Death Side and Paintbox, and whose extraordinary guitar playing made these bands so insanely great.

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v.a. Game Of Death LP

This 4-band compilation LP is 50% japanese hardcore, 50% thrash metal. On the A-Side, Poison Arts and Death Side deliver the HC, while Final Bombs and the last incarnation of Ghoul are responsible for the metallic B-Side. Death Side’s „Beast In Hell“ ist one of my favourite tracks of theirs. The backcover shows some great eighties hair in Ghoul and the Poison Arts, and has the singer of Death Side dressed completely in tattered rags!

It also proves that the Final Bombs‘ drummer had bad taste in t-shirts!