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RAP – Trap 罠 7“

Trap 罠, released in 1986 on Dogma Records, was RAP’s 2nd 7“. It’s got three powerful tracks of mid-tempo to slow punkrock, all of which have a dark, melancholic and somewhat gloomy edge. I guess I prefer this one to their first 7“, which was more melodic and upbeat. A great release!

And again: no literal rap on this record, but another lame joke as the link’s title.

RAP – Wrap 7“

RAP may not be as well known as some of their label mates on the legendary Dogma Records (home to The Comes, GISM, R.U.G., Gastunk and The Clay among others), but their debut 7“ from 1985 is definitely a classic piece of japanese punk. It’s got two faster paced numbers between snotty and melodic, plus one slower song that’s pretty gothic in style. As you can read on the cover, this record was produced by Lizard’s Momoyo. Btw.: drummer Misa later displayed a dubious taste in t-shirts during her time in Final Bombs, haha.

There’s no literal rap on this 7“ btw.