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R.U.G. – Deathly Fighter 7″

What can be even more awesome than a band that names itself after a band member (who’s not even the singer)? The Randy Uchida Group can, without a doubt! Centered around GISM’s guitarist (and wearing the most outlandish clothing you could imagine!), their only official release was this incredible 7″ from 1984. The two songs „Deathly Fighter“ and „Crazy Bomber“ are both very eighties heavy metal complete with soprano wailing, loads of tapping and long solos with melancholic guitar harmonies. It’s obvious that Randy Uchida liked to show just what crazy shit he could pull of, so his playing here is even more over the top than with GISM. There’s also a 12″ bootleg of this 7″ with some live tracks added, but apparently the source for the boot were some low kbps mp3s, so the the quality is said to be really bad.

Leather, fishnets, studs and mascara!