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Sadie Sads – Box With Little Doll 12“

First things first: the title of this release should be Box Without Little Doll. There’s no little doll. What’s not (really) there either, is songs in the every-day meaning of the word. Just like Id on Angora, there’s avantgarde sound scapes, Birthday Party‘esque aural torture, singer Sad’s wailing and warbling, simple percussion behind repetitive, chorus-laden bass lines and -what Peter Hook might call- economic guitar playing.
Though there’s no doll (why not?!), these two 12“es from 1985 do come in a box with all kinds of extras, including an unrecognisable blob on a slide. No idea what it is.

Maybe THAT‘ is the little doll?

Sadie Sads – Angora 7“

Released in 1984 on Wechselbalg Syndicate, Angora was Sadie Sads‘ first and only 7“ single (though they had loads of compilation tracks and two 12″ releases). Both tracks, Angora on side A and Id on side B, are vicious post punk, Id being the more avantgarde and experimental of the two with its complete breakdowns of music into echoing soundcapes, screams and rudimentary percussion.

This is evil shit, like Angora. This is fluffy bunnies getting slaughtered.

v.a. 時の葬列 – Selections From Excommunicated Monument

This is great compilation album of japanese mid-eighties gothic, new wave, post-punk and noisy avantgarde stuff. G-Schmitt are frail, beautiful and full of pathos, Madame Edwarda’s tracks definitely surpass the songs of their debut album, Auto-Mod deliver songs of dancable aggression and childlike wanderings (but less funk than on some of their 7“es), and Sadie-Sads‘ tracks on this album are pure genius. And to make it all perfect, the title translates as…

The Funeral Procession Of Time!