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Samurai – Center Of Tokyo 7″

These two vinyl and flexi 7“es from 1983 are Samurai’s debut effort. I like this one here the best of their three releases from the eighties: though the sound is pretty similar to their two 8“es -rock‘n'roll and garage influenced punk rock- the tracks on these 7“es are kind of livelier and a bit dirtier to my ears.

Still, the highly original bandname…

Samurai – I‘m A Person Not A Number 8“

I don‘t really know shit about Samurai, so if there’s anyone to fill in the blanks, I‘m willing to learn more. Here goes what little I can say: during their original existence in the early/mid-eighties it seems this power trio released a 7“ and two 8“es, this one being the second 8“ from 1985. The music is mid-tempo punk rock with a lot of rock‘n'roll thrown in, a bit like what The Rockers or Anarchy did a couple of years earlier. Samurai come across a bit stiffer and less fun, though. At least were as creative in finding a band name as The Rockers and Anarchy, haha. A reunion produced one more CD and a couple of compilation albums, it seems.

Is that enough? Hmm.