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責任転嫁 – In The Shadows 8″

Compared to the insane noise and non-music orgies of Sekinintenka’s tracks on the first ADK Omnibus 2×7″ and their debut 7″, the tracks on 1984’s great „In The Shadows“ 8″ flexi seem a bit more „well-adjusted“ and are way more „listenable“ (does this even count when talking about punk?). The title track is a fast, melodic punk rock epos of almost 5 minutes, the other two numbers are harder and darker. They remind me a bit of 肉弾 in their sanest moments. Well, a maybe little bit. A live version of the title track also appeared on the Good Luck 12″.

Do you go to church on sunday?

責任転嫁 – Good Luck 12″

Maybe it’s just because it sounds a bit pretentious, but I kinda like the term „uneasy listening“. In fact, I can‘t find a more fitting description für Sekinintenka’s 1985 „Good Luck“ compilation 12″. Sekinintenka („Shifting the blame“) sometimes sound like a mix between The Stalin’s more atonal moments, Killing Joke’s oder PIL’s dub reggae style songs and the illegitimate children of an orgy at ADK Records. This 12″ has the two tracks of their first 7″, a number of good quality live tracks and some new recordings. In 2005 it was re-released as a CD with the additional tracks off their „In The Shadows“ 8″ and their contributions to the priceless ADK Omnibus Vol.1 double 7″.

Anybody want to donate me a shitload of money so I can afford ADK Omnibus Vol. 1?