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Sex Android – Planet Venus 12″

What drugs were these guys doing when they designed their record covers? This Dali-versus-what-the-eighties-thought-cyberspace-would-look-like LP cover may hint at bad disco-pop, but just like their earlier 7″, Sex Android’s 1988 LP „Planet Venus“ is first rate Death Rock/gothic. Since I‘ve got nothing else I could say about them…

…here’s the link!

Sex Android – Sexaroid Capsule Schneider 7″

Here’s a killer gothic/death rock 7″ from Sex Android, a band with members of the mighty Phaidia. The weirdly named title track „Sexaroid Capsule Schneider“ is slow, dark and ominous, while the b-side „Glamorous Lady“ is faster, punkier and more melodic, it also has some great guitar-/synth-hooks. The true masterpiece about this 7″ must be the cover: a downplayed HR Giger meets Bob Vido’s trashy pulp science-fiction artwork.

I‘m in love!