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v.a. Tunes For Fucker Vol. 3

The last of the three money savers! It starts off with Sha-London’s 8″ flexi „Short Cut To The Hell“ and 11 songs of lo-fi thrash. Next are A-Bomb, who looked and sounded like teenaged glue sniffers and must‘ve thought treble was the only channel of the EQ-band they needed for their 7″ „Hell’s Story“. Side B has The 4th International, who play very minimalist and punky songs (without overly much fuzz or distortion for a change) and had the longest title for their record („日常性ノ破壊ハ我々ノ幻想 – Destruction Of The Illusion Of Our Everyday“). Last are the rockin‘ Bones with „In A Sick Society!“, who are definitely the most punk guys on this LP (just like Kruw they didn‘t really need to tune their instruments)!

For the last time: get it, fucker!