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v.a. 未来ハ僕等ノ手ノ中 – Future Is In Our Hands 7″

The „Future is in our hands“ 7″ compilation, released in 2010, features 4 bands from Tsuyama City (as you may have deduced from the 7″ cover). The 7″ starts with Last (heh!) who are fast, raw and energetic punkrock with very rocking guitar licks. Disturd (great band name) are old school, metallic stenchcore and remind me a bit of Hellbastard. Next are The Sick who are not HC at all, but play very melodic, singalong punkrock. Last band on the compilation are the great Skizophrenia. Most descriptions of their style I heard called them UK 82; they also remind me a bit of the hardcore stuff by Nyx Negativ, but obviously the name-dropped Ernst and The Edsholm Rebels are a point of reference, too.

I thought there was no future?