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Skizophrenia – Don‘t Give Up! 7′‘

Another awesome 7“ by Skizphrenia! Released in 2012 it’s got three tracks of wild hardcore between UK 82, Sweden’s E.A.T.E.R. or the harder stuff by Nyx Negativ, also like their contemporaries like Vendetta and Zetu.

Get it, this is hot shit!

Skizophrenia! – This Fucking Skizophrenia! Still A Raped Ass 7′‘

„Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack!“ is the most sensible review I can come up with at the moment. If I were forced to try harder, I‘d say that Skizophrenia (exclamation mark!) are frantic as hell and definitely top Vendetta in their worship of Missbrukarna and E.A.T.E.R. It has to be said though that there’s not much Anti Cimex in their sound, (and if so it is definitely more Jordens Undergång than Victims Of A Bombraid), as Skizophrenia are not nearly as blunt and Yu’s screams are nowhere near Jonsson’s growls.

Again: „Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack!“

v.a. Raw Punkz 7“

Now this is really cool little comp! All five bands (Raw Distractions, Persevere, Solpäätos, Vendetta! and Skizophrenia!) play wild, driving, simple and kind of catchy punk rock. Though none of them play raw punk in the sense of Confuse et. al., if you take the title to mean pure, unrefined punk, then you are spot on!


v.a. Hardcore Inferno

„Hardcore Inferno“ is a quite the appropriate title for this compilation LP (especially the Inferno part) which came out in 2010. Death Dust Extractor, Deathtribe, Tantrum, Krossa, Disturd, Isterismo and Sacrifice all deliver raging lo-fi brutality between stenchcore, käng, crasher crust and rawpunk; ADA†MAX and Chaotix are among the more inventive bands on this comp, and Skizophrenia!’s hectic chaos was the very reason I bought this record.

Destroy The Last Line In Madness!

v.a. 未来ハ僕等ノ手ノ中 – Future Is In Our Hands 7″

The „Future is in our hands“ 7″ compilation, released in 2010, features 4 bands from Tsuyama City (as you may have deduced from the 7″ cover). The 7″ starts with Last (heh!) who are fast, raw and energetic punkrock with very rocking guitar licks. Disturd (great band name) are old school, metallic stenchcore and remind me a bit of Hellbastard. Next are The Sick who are not HC at all, but play very melodic, singalong punkrock. Last band on the compilation are the great Skizophrenia. Most descriptions of their style I heard called them UK 82; they also remind me a bit of the hardcore stuff by Nyx Negativ, but obviously the name-dropped Ernst and The Edsholm Rebels are a point of reference, too.

I thought there was no future?