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The Stalin – Go Go スターリン 12“

Released in 1983 like their classic album , their Go Go Stalin 12″ is pretty similar in style and sound. Two fast hardcore numbers (the track Go Go Stalin was also included on 虫) plus a vicious mid-tempo number with the most depressing song title of all time: congenital worker.

Go! Go!

The Stalin – 虫 LP

虫 (Mushi, meaning „Bug“) was The Stalin’s third LP, released in 1983. 虫 was The Stalin’s most hardcore album, but in a way it also was their „simplest“, least musically diverse one. Don‘t get me wrong, this is still The Stalin we‘re talking about here, meaning 虫 is great from start to finish. Its hardcore songs are driving and powerful, and its dirges and mid-tempo numbers are fucking dark and ominous, topped by the almost 10 minute title track closing the album.

To the Bug!

The Stalin – Fish Inn LP

I have to admit, of The Stalin’s four regular studio albums, Fish Inn is the one I listen to the least. This is definitely not because I don‘t like it, or because it’s any worse than its three predecessors. Fish Inn is great, it’s just that I really have to be in the mood for its uneasy, darker, more atmospheric and less bluntly punk/hardcore songs: by its release in 1984 (this here is the re-release from 1986) both bassist Shintarō and guitarist Tam had left, so I guess it’s only natural that Fish Inn is vastly different from trash*, Stop Jap and Mushi.
Though the music itself cannot really be compared, the change in style reminds me a bit of the Dead Kennedys releasing Frankenchrist as the follow-up of Plastic Surgery Disasters.

I wouldn‘t want to stay in a fish inn. Once more: hahaha.

Tam – Vol. 1 7″

In 1983 the first songs by G-Zet came out on the Great Punk Hits compilation album. The same guys -Tam, Keigo, Akira (and L.S.D.’s singer Achy who contributed one scream!)- also recorded the purely instrumental tracks on this vinyl single and the accompanying flexi disc (albeit in different personnel constellations). The two songs on the vinyl single are very much G-Zet tracks (side B is even named G-Zet), while the songs on the karaoke sonosheet are newly recorded instrumental versions of tracks off the first three albums by The Stalin.

Some tracks off this release wound up on this G-Zet bootleg 7″, posing as G-Zet songs.

Enjoy and sing along!

The Stalin – Stop Jap LP

Stop Jap from 1982 was the first HC-release by The Stalin, and probably among the first ones of Japan, too. Just like on trash* there’s still lots of punkrock and some disturbing, droning noise, but compared to earlier releases Stop Jap has far tighter playing and a harder, more defined sound. Also, „Romanticist“ must be among the best opening tracks ever!


The Stalin – 嘲笑う樺太 LP

Here is another one by Japan’s very best: 嘲笑う樺太 (usually translated as „Sakhalin Smile“) is a bootleg compilation of The Stalin’s e.p.s and 7″es; it also includes their track from the PEACE/WAR album. Since the original releases took place between 1980 and 1984, the songs range from their early, weird „avantgarde-punk“ to their later hardcore stuff. The booklet contains the (japanese) lyrics, scans of the covers and an MRR interview with The Stalin’s singer Michiro Endo (whom they keep calling „Machiro“…).

Anyways, this shit it as good as it gets, so get it while it’s hot!

The Stalin – trash* LP

To be honest, it took me quite a while to fully appreciate just how great this LP is. In all its lo-fi sound, with its dark, weird and disturbing songs, half studio, half live, it has become one of my favorite japanese punk records. Sadly, this here is only a mediocre sounding bootleg, which skips quite badly on the b-side. Since the record itself is in pretty good condition, the skip may even have been on the original record, from which this one was taken. Anyway, now it’s your turn to be dissected in the autopsy room!


The Stalin – 電動こけし / 肉 7″

電動こけし / 肉 (Dendou kokeshi / Niku) is the first 7″ by The Stalin, released on flexi disc in 1980. The cover art is disgusting, disturbing and great, the music lies somewhere between noisy, disjointed weirdness and simple but great punkrock. This here is the official re-release from 2005 on SS Recordings.

There are a lot of great videos of The Stalin to be found on youtube, where you can witness live vomiting and stagediving into the lethargic audience of some music show on tv. Enjoy!

Needle up my cock