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The Star Club – Hello New Punks LP

Although The Star Club (more Beatles references, haha!) had been active since early 1977, Hello New Punks from 1984 was their first studio album. Granted, that was after a live album and a load of 7“es. Most of the songs on this album are still mid-tempo punk rock, but sound a little less adventurous than on their early 7“es (especially Club Take One had some interesting shit IMHO!). Also the sound is tougher, and Hikage’s voice is kind of nastier than before .

Any new punks around in this day and age?

The Original Star-Club – Saturday Night Live 1978 8“

This 8“ flexi from 1987 was released as a promotional item, and as you can guess from the title, it contains old live tracks from 1978. I enjoy this one more than their later stuff I‘ve got, even though their -ahem- influences are extremely obvious here. Through the -sometimes charmingly out of tune- guitar wall you can easily make out the Ramones, Heartbreakers, New York Dolls et al, one track also sounds a lot like Anarchy’s Not Satisfied.

I don‘t care about the music, either.

The Star Club – Cool Posers LP

I can‘t quite remember where I‘ve read it, but supposedly The Star Club were never really taken seriously among punks. There were seen as copyists, posers (cool ones?) and the like. But still, listening to this bootleg compilation LP of their early singles, I find their sound to be pretty inventive and unique, not unlike The Stalin in places. But hell, who am I to judge?

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