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鉄アレイ + Warhead – 鉄弾頭 2015 7″

To me, bands covering each other usually amounts to not much more than gimmicky, novelty releases. Boy, does this 7“ here prove me wrong! It’s hard to decide, which band pays better tribute to the other: Warhead going full overdriven crazy on Tetsu Arei’s heavy, Burning Spirits hardcore, or Tetsu Arei infusing Warhead’s insanity with their totally in control heavyness. Still, the winner to me is Warhead’s Under The Moonlight as played by Tetsu Arei. Incredibly good!

Under the moonlight cry out!

鉄アレイ – I LP

Tetsu Arei’s first album from 1991 is one of the classic albums of Burning Spirits Hardcore. A lot more hard rocking and less thrashing than their peers, Tetsu Arei are still going on strong, with 2014’s „IV“ being my true favourite among their albums. This one here is sadly not an original, but a european bootleg from 2009.

Get it!

Tetsu Arei – II LP

This is Tetsu Arei’s second LP, released in 1998. Their debut album from 1991 was one of the defining albums of the Burning Spirits genre, and this LP no less wild. It’s mostly fast-paced without being thrashy, extremely rocking (again: „rocking“ is a terrible term, but I just can‘t help it…), and Tetsu Arei might easily claim a trademark on the singer’s characteristic hoarse shouts. Btw.: as you may be able to tell from the artwork: Tetsu Arei means „Iron Dumbell“.

Well, it’s a bit more obvious on the first LP…

v.a. Eye Of The Thrash Guerilla LP

Eye Of The Thrash Guerilla is a great compilation with a cool mix of different styles. It’s got great Burning Spirits hardcore by Death Side and 鉄アレイ (Tetsu Arei), wild thrash by Nightmare and Raise Cain, total mayhem by SxOxB and dark d-beat by Crow (who were not nearly as heavy back then as they are now). This version is a german bootleg on the 大阪 records, who also released boots of SxOxB and Outo.

Better an eye of a thrash guerilla than an eye of a tiger…