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The Zolge – Catholic Day 7“

This 7“ from 1987 was the last vinyl offering by this good looking, almost visual-kei bunch (though they went on to record a couple more CDs). The titletrack is a fast-paced, death rock/goth/new wave influenced punk rock with trebly guitars, lots of reverb and a minimalist piano, the B-side is a slower number, but similarly darkish punk. Like most of their vinyl output this record came out on Dogma Records (which had released a different version of Catholic Day with more B-Side tracks as the previous catalog number).

What’s a catholic day?

The Zolge – Feel No Fear 3 Tracks E • P

The Zolge’s Feel No Fear 7″ from 1986 is stylistically pretty similar to Crisis My Guest: cold, dark, stomping punk/hardcore with some deathrock influence thrown in, with the guitar leads on track three being pretty similar to The Star Club’s song Ataraxia. The single’s cover artwork is pretty horrible, but in an awesome way.

Or maybe not!

Zolge – Crisis My Guest 12″

Zolge (sometimes called The Zolge) played an interesting mixture of dark punk, hardcore and deathrock. There are obvious parallels to bands like The Mobs or maybe even early Danse Macabre, but none of these comparisons really fit. The Zolge were musically a bit weirder (and cooler imo) in what they were doing, with less blunt Oi! or metal influences. „Crisis, My Guest“ was released in 1984, and the Zolge kept on releasing music into the nineties.

Be my guest!